About Us

As the premium jewellery industry becomes more competitively saturated, creating a Private Label has never before been more of a charming method for retailers to attain intended profit margins and build up their brand’s identity.

With over 20 years of experience in the fine jewellery manufacturing business, we at Laser Jewel have established a firm and professional relationship with our clients in the retail business who have always invested their trust in us for years not just because of our strong workaholic attitude, but also because of the quality, finishishing, trend-setting designs and value based products according to the demand.

Branded vs Unbranded Jewellery

We, at Laser Jewel, hold factuality at the core of all our endeavours. Recent studies have revealed that to succeed in the saturated fine jewellery market, every company must stand out. And that is only achievable with a line of private branded jewellery. The surprising fact here is that though branded jewellery accounts for only 20% of the total jewellery business currently, it would be a totally different scenario by 2020. The share Branded Jewellery holds currently would nearly double in the coming years.

Branded jewellery is the future in the fine Jewellery business.

Before partnering with us, we would also like to inform, that all designs shared with us are secured virtually with the latest and apt web-security services installed. This gives you a chance to better your gains with a sense of security.

To get a detailed tour about the strategies we resort to magnify your profit charts, Contact us and get a free quotation to just what you have in mind