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At LaserJewel custom jewellery factory, we believe in giving you the best services. Here we provide you all time solutions for jewellery designer, jewellery business and gemstone sourcing companies who is looking for useful way to manufacture their jewellery products in a quick and productive way.

Having our roots in India, we have our very own jewellery factory located in Mumbai. Being an Indian company we are not restricted in India but also provide our services internationally as well. As we are witnessing the continuous process of growth in modern times, we have given full justice to make use of advanced technology in our production.

Staying in the precious jewellery manufacturing field for over 20 years, we focus on developing good relations with our fellow partners from our industry so that we will have a clear view of what our partner exactly needs and to provide them the best design that will be unique and fine. Our main motive is to commit to produce effective designs with unmatched craftsmanship which will help our customers in their business.

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CAD- Computer Aided Designs

Have a concept design in mind? Don’t worry. Laser Jewel is equipped with the best in class computer-aided design softwares out there, like Rhino, Matrix, Key Shot, JewelCAD. We would be glad to create your innovative idea into a fully manufacturable 3d design. All you have to do is email us your rough sketches or a written description of the design that you have in mind, and our highly experienced designers will work with you to create the visual prototype of the design.

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CAM- Computer Aided Manufacturing

Once you have approved the visual prototype of your design, we will move on to the CAM(computer-aided manufacturing) service where we will turn your creative design into a physical wax model. With the help of the best in class 3d printers, with the minimum thickness of 0.4mm, we can print the most minute detail in your design.

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Mold Making

Molds are always useful when it comes to jewellery manufacturing. Whether you need a single piece or a hundred pieces of the same design, we need to make the mold of the physical prototype that we received from the CAM process. As Jewelery Manufacturers based in mumbai, we have access to all the possible resources. We work with silicone molds because it achieves a higher quality surface, easier release of wax molds and the availability of Room-Temperature-Vulcanizing

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Lost wax casting is an age old metal casting process in which a predetermined mold(Previously crafted using the wax model) is flooded with molten metal to achieve the perfect skeleton of that creative design you had in you mind. We can use either of the two casting methods, low temperature casting or the high temperature casting method depending on the metal we would be using

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Stone Sourcing

We understand how tedious it gets to source those perfect coloured gemstones or the right quality diamonds at the right price for your design. At Laser Jewel we take on this challenge on your behalf and our experts will source thoes perfect stones for you from our relations with the hundreds of cutters and minors of this industry. Whether you’re looking for diamonds, gemstones or semi-precious stones, our experts will leave no stone unturned to source the perfect stones matching your need. Drop us a message here and we will do our best to help you with your demands.

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Bench Work

From Soldering, to the final finishing, With our highly trained and experienced craftsmen you receive the final piece with the best in class finish. With laser welding, you get precision at its best. Whether we’re assembling jewelry from scratch or repairing pre-existing pieces, laser soldering is beyond helpful.If you want to add gemstones or diamonds to the piece of jewellery, then our setting services are right up your alley. We can handle simple and complex setting styles, from custom arrangements to the industry’s most popular options,

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Electroplating is a technique to apply a layer of metal upon an object, in our case jewellery, by immersing the piece of jewellery in a liquid mixture having the metal solution to be plated and passing an electrical current through it. It is viable to electroplate layers of almost all pure metals and even some alloys.

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As one of the best jewellery manufacturers in Mumbai, Laser Jewels offers both hand engraving and laser engraving services. Hand engraving allows our skilled artisans to craft each individual piece while our laser engraving technology allows for matched precision across large batches.

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Here at Laser Jewels we understand that trust is a major aspect when it comes to selling jewellery. Thus, we provide jewellery certification from reputed third party laboratories like IGI, SGL, EGL etc at an additional cost.

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Whether you’re looking for help with the creation of One-Of-A-Kind piece of jewellery, or you’re looking for a business that can manufacture a 1000pieces/batch with astounding turnaround speeds, we’re happy to help

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