About Us

Laser Jewels, an establishment that represents laser accuracy, has been the abode of unrivaled bespoke jewellery for over a span of 2 decades now. The adroit team at Laser Jewels create a medley of traditional artisanry and trendsetting modern day creativity.

With features like Investment casting, CAD Designing, mould making,Rapid Prototyping, skilled stone setting and brilliant finishing, being in our arsenal, the list of services we offer form a legion. Laser Jewels aims at bestowing its customers exquisitely detailed products that end up turning your idea into someone’s heirloom.

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Our Services

Right from getting your idea on paper, to sealing it In a ribboned box, we hold expertise in handling it all. Over 20 years of experience shimmers in our Products as we bring you only the finest. Our Non-Disclosure policy ensures exclusivity of your designs.. Forever

Design services

With advanced Designing machinery in our atelier, Laser Jewel is the steadfast force in the ever-booming industry of Jewellery manufacturing.

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Efficacious softwares like Matrix, Rhino and AutoCAD being the ethos of all our products, the margin of error is as good as none

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Once you have your design ready, it is time for us to put on our gloves and get started

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Advanced prototyping machinery like 3D Printers allow us to recreate your vision from merely a 3D model to actuality

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This is where your dreams start taking a shape as the our moulds set molten gold into the jewellery product you have always desired

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Stone Setting

Once your product is ready, the most important onus of stone setting is taken up by our diligent hands at work

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Stone Sourcing

Connoisseurs of the Jewel industry handpick stones that are meant to adorn your products for the rest of eternity

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The beginning of the end, polishing is one of our final steps in ensuring that no product goes out bearing a single flaw

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You can now witness alchemy at its finest as our world-class electroplating devices not only plate metals into something priceless but also actuate your ideas/p>

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Private Label

Augment your chances of reaping out profits as we at Laser Jewels get you best quality products to enhance your brand value

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Why Choose Laser Jewel

All you need is now under one roof!

Laser Jewel is the ultimate destination to your pursuit of fine jewellery making. This is where you will find unparalleled quality. Meeting the needs of our customers on every level is what fuels our fancy at Laser Jewels. Right from your inception of the design to bringing it to its sparkly fruition, we have it all covered.

Your secrets are our secrets.

Security is what you look for when you set out to manufacture your own products and that is a sentiment we value the most. Laser Jewel offers designs that are secured under both, Indian and International Laws. Augmentation, enhancements, or any changes made in the course of making your jewellery are entitled to you alone.

Breakneck turnaround time is more than an assurance. It’s a promise.

With the best-in-class machinery at our disposal, top-notch quality is a given. That being said, we have one of the fastest turnover periods, getting you flawless products in a jiffy.

Made by us; owned by you.

Simply put, it is our product but your brand. The jewellery empire is growing to be exceedingly price minded and getting yourself a Private Label has never been more lucrative. Here is your chance to increase your profit margin and brand value manifolds.

Eagle eyed precision in everything we do.

As a company, we have always strived to create high-end products and the constant achievement of that has enabled us to be the best in our arena. Every product that leaves our warehouse has been checked and double checked so as to ensure fine quality product.

Multiple levels of security to keep your ideas safe.

You own a website but are afraid that the designs you put up might already be taken? That is something you keep at bay when it comes to Laser Jewel as we ensure the most unique designs there are. Our excellent web security assures you that nobody can plagiarize the design you came up with and all your designs are safe with us in systems accessible by you alone.

Unparalleled customer service

At Laser Jewels, making fine jewellery and hence making happy customers is all that drives us to outdo ourselves all day, everyday. All orders, major or minor, we do not judge.

High Ethical Standards

At Laser Jewels, we keep keep ethics at the core of every endeavour we undertake. We take every order with the same sense of enthusiasm with which we took the first one. Our professionalism is our driving force and we can never let that go as it is more like a habit. No order is too big or too little as we treat them all with the same energy and enthusiasm.

Employing top range machinery with celebrated experts

While Traditionalism dwells in the heart of our beliefs at Laser Jewel, we rely on technology to bring them to reality in the finest of ways. State-of-the-art technology ensures that we rule out every possibility of imperfection so that you get exactly what you had in mind.

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